A Delightful Chicken Salad at Scallions


I’ve driven past Scallions a hundred times over the course of the past two years, but never have stopped in for a bite to eat, due in large part to the restaurant’s breakfast/lunch only hours.

Well, my non-Scallions streak finally ended … and I’m glad it did.

I was immediately impressed by the warm environment, from the tree-adorned outside seating area to the cozy interior with all of the beautiful wall art. The service, too, was certainly worth mentioning—attentive, friendly, and prompt.

But while service and atmosphere certainly play a key role in how we judge a place, a restaurant is nothing without excellent food. Fortunately, my chicken salad lunch special ($10.95) completed the “happy dining trifecta.”

The plate included a heaping pile of creamy chicken salad over a quartered Arkansas tomato, along with a delicious house salad (substituted for soup) and a sweet poppy seed muffin.

The chicken salad was outstanding—laced with crisp, diced pieces of celery, shredded breast meat and halved, tiny red grapes. Pairing it with the juicy tomato pieces was a wise choice, as the balance from the sweet grapes and acidic tomatoes was just right. Not to be overlooked was the unassuming poppy seed muffin, a dense, yet welcoming addition to my plate. The salad included seasoned croutons, fresh greens, shredded cheese and carrots, along with a raspberry vinaigrette.

My first visit to Scallions certainly won’t be my last. The sizeable portions, fair prices, warm environment and friendly service all guarantee a return visit.

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Popsicle Time at Le Pops


N. Shalin is back with her monthly take on food in Little Rock!

It’s summertime and the best place for a sweet summer treat is Le Pops! If you want an ice cold popsicle, Le Pops has it! All the popsicles are natural, fresh, and local.

They have all kinds of great popsicles to choose from including: strawberry, chocolate marvel, and vanilla. They sell a special kind of popsicle that has no added sugar and is called sweet sunshine. They have other flavors like pineapple cilantro, blackberry mango, and salted caramel. They make different pops every day and you can decorate them in toppings. They freeze the pops in a below zero degree freezer and when you eat them they are ice cold.

I have tried the chocolate marvel which is very good. I have also tried the chocolate mint and it is amazing! It is very chocolaty, but then you get a nice twist of mint.

Also, they have a “Buy 10 Get 1 Free” stamp card, so definitely ask for it.

So if you need a sweet summer treat, I would recommend going to Le Pops!

By: N. Shalin

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Around Town: The Pie Hole is Ready to Roll


The Pie Hole, the former Fayetteville pie truck turned Little Rock mobile eatery, is now officially open for business. “Right now, I’m planning on being at this Saturday’s Hillcrest Farmers Market and then tentatively planning on being at the Westover Farmers Market on Tuesday and then the Westover Wednesday Food Truck Meet-Up,” said owner Lauren Harrison.

The tentative plan, which is subject to change given customer desire, is for the truck to carry 3-4 types of pies at a time, plus one savory pie (quiche or pot pie). The truck will serve pie by the slice to walk-up customers and offer whole pie orders with a two-day advance notice.

Customers should expect a variety of pies, including some of Harrison’s more popular ones, including: coconut cream, oatmeal cream pies with scratch-made marshmallow fluff filling, and chicken pot pie.

And while Harrison is still working on future locations, expect to see The Pie Hole at the Hillcrest Farmers Market, Good Earth Garden Center, Westover Hills Farmers Market and the Westover Wednesday Food Truck Meet-Up.

“My husband is from Hot Springs and I went to college at Hendrix in Conway, so we’re excited to be back in Central Arkansas. Everyone has been so welcoming and supportive of The Pie Hole truck,” said Harrison. She continued, “Before we moved here, I didn’t realize what a thriving food scene Little Rock has. I can’t wait to be a part of it, especially as a food truck. I’m excited to utilize all of the fresh produce from the local farmers to make made-from-scratch pies and quiches. I’m looking forward to making pie for the people of Little Rock!”

We are too.

*Photo courtesy of The Pie Hole

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Guest Post: Kids Menus in Little Rock


Most restaurants have a kids menu. Some of the menus are very good, although others could use a little work.

They say if you are 12 and under you can order off the kids menu. Some really good places in Little Rock serve only boxed mac and cheese or packaged chicken nuggets, which is fine, but these need to be of better quality. For example, you could do homemade mac and cheese and fresh cooked chicken nuggets. This is so kids can eat nutritiously!

Some restaurants in Little Rock do a great job with this, these include Chuy’s, South on Main, Franke’s and El Porton.

I would like to see more of these items on menus: lasagna, soups (including potato, chicken noodle, and tomato) and chicken sandwiches. I also would want to see homemade pastas with an assortment of different sauces you might find on the adult menu. Caesar salads, tacos and enchiladas would also be great. For sides, I would like to see tiny baked potatoes with a variety of toppings. For fruit and veggies, I would like to see watermelon, strawberries, blueberries, roasted broccoli, green beans, and carrots. All should be fresh produce.

I always appreciate places with good kid menus and I hope to see more in Little Rock soon. That is my dream for a kids menu!

N. Shalin

PS…I will be doing articles once a month!