By: Kat Freyaldenhoven

A day devoted to thankfulness, gathering, food, and wine makes it easy for Thanksgiving to be one of my favorite holidays. Here at Vino, we think of wine as an essential ingredient to the meal. Thanksgiving meals are usually all over the map, so wine pairings that can cover a lot of territory are needed. This wine tasting guide should cover all of the Thanksgiving territory and give you some great affordable options to wow your guests.

Whites: Having a white wine with a little sparkle and a crisp finish is great when trying to pair for a wide variety of foods. Below are some of our favorites for their taste and their

Price: Les Allies Brut-Les Allies is a beautiful sparkling wine from Burgundy, France for only around $10. You can’t beat it. Patrick, our Vino man-bun, wine and food enthusiast, says  “Bubbles are a must for Thanksgiving. A great pre and after-meal drink. Bubbles are also a great and inexpensive way to celebrate what you are thankful for. They are also a great palate cleanser between wines and always nice to have at a celebration.”

Tussock Jumper Riesling: Patrick also says, “Rieslings are great because of the subtle sweetness and the long finish. They are great with white meats and pair well with cranberry sauce and dressing. It also gives those sweet drinkers at your table an option. A quintessential holiday wine.”

From Tussock Jumper, you can expect delicate hints of lemon and melon aromas followed by a fresh and clean palate. Excellent balance of intense fruit and a wonderful expression of a typical spicy Riesling’s acidity with a crisp finish. Tussock Jumper usually retails between $11-$12.

Tussock Jumper Sauv Blanc and Three Henry Chardonnay: Both of these wines are crisp and clean with hints of lemon and melon. They have just enough acidity to balance grandma’s pecan pie while not bowing to uncle Dave’s pan-dripping gravy. Being unoaked allows the food and wine to complement each other without competing for flavors.

Amore in Rosa Rose: This Rosé’s crisp, fruity, and slightly acidic finish allows it to work wonderfully with Thanksgiving’s traditional buttery and fatty flavors by keeping your palate on it’s toes, ready for the next bite. It’s a great option to keep your white and red lovers happy as well! This bottle usually retails for around $10-$11.

Reds: A light-bodied red that avoids heavy oak, well balanced between the fruit and acid, and light on the tannins will only enhance the flavors of the meal without stealing the show of what you’re serving up. Pinot Noir and Gamay are wonderful for complementing traditional Thanksgiving meals.

Cru Pinot Noir: This wine presents a classic example of a Willamette Valley offering. The vibrant aromatics of wild strawberry, lavender, and sage, with subtle hints of Herbs de Provence will only amplify the aromas in the food! You can expect a taste of savory spices, truffle, and forest floor. This wine is impeccably balanced with notes of fresh fruit and mineral tones. For around $55, this Pinot is a wonderful option to bring as a guest.

Three Henry Pinot Noir: This is my go-to Pinot Noir. Seriously, I consume this the most out of all of the wine in Vino’s portfolio. The price and quality are hard to beat. It has quickly become a fan favorite in our Vino community. Easy drinking and affordable French wine? Sign me up! The earthy components, bright acidity, and subtle red fruit play wonderfully well with heavily seasoned dishes enabling everything to liven-up after a few sips! For around $17, it’s destined to become your new go-to Pinot Noir.

Tussock Jumper Gammay: If you’ve never tried a Gammay, now is the time. This refreshing and luscious wine with subtle notes of red fruits such as strawberry, raspberry, and cherry will complement the entire table.

Looking for something a little more interesting? I think Bordeaux de Gloria, Lubanzi Chenin Blanc, or Brumont’s La Gascgone are wonderful options and might be a little unexpected surprise for you and your guest. All of these amazing wines meet Thanksgiving standards and would provide some wonderful conversation starters!! (You can read more about each wine by clicking our website below.)

I know for many this year, the holidays will look different and a lot of people are having a hard time getting excited. Our family decided to do a “wine-dinner” style meal. We will be pairing food and wine together, zooming in with some other family members, and tasting the food and wine pairings together. This gives us something fun to talk about as we create new memories with each other. Just an idea.

I hope you and your family enjoy pairing these wines with your dinner! Smell, swirl, and taste all of the wines with all of the dishes and have fun talking about what you are experiencing together. We are so thankful for a community that enjoys exploring new things together.


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