Food helps build community and the only way to keep this ball rolling is if each of us continue to try out new and different things. With that said, I’ve made a call to TMR readers to try out new (to them) options throughout the area and share with me their thoughts. Below is a collection of actual responses. Simply put, I encourage you to keep discovering new restaurants, dishes, baked goods, coffees, and just about anything related to food and drink. Then share it with me through a direct message on Facebook. Then I’ll share with our audience.

Lunch at Gadwall’s
“After living in Little Rock most of my life, I finally found my way across the river to visit Gadwall’s Grill. I often see it mentioned when The Mighty Rib is looking for recommendation. My wife, daughter, and I, far from retirement age, showed up on a Wednesday as early birds. Arriving at 6pm the parking lot was full and people were coming and going.

It was very apparent that Gadwall’s is a beloved institution in the area. I overheard a patron say he worked there 27 years ago and exchanged pleasantries with someone I went to high school with whom I had not seen in over 20 years. The amount of to-go orders was astonishing. The phone was ringing non-stop, the restaurant was busy, and the place was popping.

Having spent several years in the restaurant industry, the way the staff handled everything was impressive. While it is seat yourself, the busser gave us a sincere welcome and promptly brought us water. One thing that stood out in this visit was the teamwork. The staff worked very well together to the point my wife was unsure who, in fact, was our waiter. I could tell the team considered each other family.

We started with fried pickles that came with a side of ranch. The generous portion of freshly cooked fried pickles was great and got the thumbs up from all parties. When the food arrived, we had to make way for the large portions of Bonsai nachos, chicken fried steak, and an old fashioned cheeseburger. While not a chef-driven menu, everything Gadwall’s served was up to par. My wife’s nachos were plentiful and had a nice spice. My chicken fried steak was cooked perfectly with a nice crunch and topped with velvety white gravy. One thing about Gadwall’s is the diverse menu. There is something on the menu for everyone.

After finishing our plates with no room for dessert, the table was pre-bussed in a timely manner with a sincere thank you from the busser. I liked that the young man greeted us upon arrival and thanked us as we left, and that both salutations were genuine. As we walked to our vehicle, cars were continuing to stream in to the parking lot. Gadwall’s no frills approach and excellent teamwork results in a great family experience that is approachable and appreciated. It is worth noting they have a small outdoor dining area. I can see how this establishment has stood the test of time and can only imagine it has endeared itself to multiple generations of patrons from the area.”-David C.

Shout Out to Alley Oops
“Hey, Rib! My husband and I just had Alley Oops for the first time in forever and have been wanting to try it again since reading Terrell from Table 28 was the new owner. It was AWESOME! Steak sandwich, onion rings and chicken tenders (I think you’d really enjoy them!) were all really great. Thanks for the challenge!”-Sarah O.

Chicken King, FTW
“Hello, new to me last week as Chicken King in Bryant. I did not get a picture because I forgot. My kids and I tried the honey barbecue wings, country fried and honey golden. They were all good. We each got the poor man’s special that came with 6 wings, fries, a roll and a drink for $8.99 each. For me, it was my first time trying the honey golden flavor because I normally just eat country fried. I’ve had honey barbecue at other places before but just not a fan of that flavor.”-Kawannia W.

Moroccan Food in Philly
“We were in Philadelphia last week when you put out the challenge. We accepted and had Moroccan food for the first time. Recommended by a server at another restaurant we dined at. It was a wonderful adventure. Marakesh was the place.”-Carla K.

A McClard’s Sandwich
“A grilled cheese with McClards beef in the middle and Franks hot honey, and a little bit of garlic powder on the grilled toast. Sheesh!!!!”-Chelsey M.