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One of my great passions in life is heading over to NY Bagels, picking up a few dozen fresh bagels, throwing them in the freezer, and eating one each morning for a month straight. After that, I’m good for about six more months, and then I repeat the process.

On this morning, things didn’t go as planned with my usual Bagel Experience. Here’s a rough, yet accurate depiction of what went down.

Dad (that’s me): ”This toasted onion bagel is gonna be so delicious.”
Wife walks into the room.
Wife: “Wow, that bagel smells so good!”
Dad: “Would you like half?”
Wife: “Only if you don’t want it.”
Ten seconds of guilt sets in.
Dad: “Sure.”
20 seconds pass. Daughter 1 walks into the room.
Daughter 1 (6yrs old): “Dad I know that I told you I didn’t want a bagel this morning, but now I want one.”
Dad (eyes roll): “Well, go ahead and take half of my half.”
Daughter 1: “Thanks dad. You’re the best dad in the history of the universe!” (BTW, the last part is made up.)”
I’m now left with half of a half. I look down and who’s starring up at me…the 19-month-old! (daughter 2)
Daughter 2: “Mor, mor, mor.”
That’s child speak for “gimme that damn bagel you fool.”
I did.


natalie January 19, 2011 at 9:59 am

haha!! sounds like our house… “peeze?” “peeze” “PEEZE????” which is kara-speak for “please” or, “ICE CREAM, NOW, LADY.”

a bruchis February 1, 2011 at 9:45 pm

In my house, everyone loves a bagel, even though I’m the addict.
Thats why we (I) go to Chompie’s every few Mondays. A dozen awesome bagels and a large whipped plain or flavored cream cheese. And everyday, a large good quality coffee (I like Hazelnut) a bagel w/cream cheese flavor of your choice… for $2.20 or somesuch… a fine fine deal, a local place…and a great way to start the day!
if you havent gone, check out chompies, Especially if you want a New York style mile high sammich!
I’ll try out your bagel place when I’m near there!

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