My random thoughts…brought to you once a week.

  • This happens to me all the time…I ask someone what they do for a living. They then proceed to tell me what they do for a living. About twenty seconds into their spiel, I realize I have no earthly idea what the hell they actually do.
  • Enough is enough Golden Corral. The chocolate fountain was really pushing the limits of food sanity. Now comes word GC offers freshly prepared cotton candy!?! I think the government should step in.
  • Curt Schilling is a peach.
  • I just moved to Little Rock. My new grocery store (Kroger’s) has a jewelry store inside it. Like a very nice jewelry store. “Honey, let me run out to grab some milk, margarine, and a diamond tennis bracelet.”
  • I think Anthony Davis is a very talented basketball player, but his unibrow scares the ever-lovin’ shit out of me.
  • How do people live in WDC? The traffic there is the worst.
  • Anyone else notice all the new online colleges popping up lately? Colorado Tech and Southern New Hampshire…just to name a few.
  • Where was this picture taken?