The revelers drink of choice. 

By Kat Freyaldenhoven 

Do you hear it?


Right there!

The singing in your ears at 12:00 in the afternoon on hot, Arkansas, summer days.

The calling of a chilled, crisp beverage that will help you take your mind off the lawn work beckoning your attention, the kiddie pool calling to be cleaned, and the summoning of your white huskies fir needing to be tamed. (#reallife #dogdaysofsummer.)

Then the phrase, “Rose`-all-day”, soothes me into permission to pour myself a glass of wine in the middle of the afternoon…because even the most mundane moments of life can be something worth enjoying!

For the European life-style, it’s almost culturally unacceptable not to have wine involved in every facet of life! And, well, we think they’re on to something!

Our family at Vino Distribution are revelers at heart. We believe in people enjoying themselves and making merry moments whenever need be. We love to integrate different the art of wine into our everyday lives by giving ourselves permission to pause and enjoy living in the moment while breathing deeply and sipping slowly. Memorable moments should be made, no matter the occasion! Thus the reason we are full supporters of Rose´-ing all day!

Rose` is meant to be consumed the year you buy it. It’s unique to wine because most wine gets better with age, but Rose` `is meant to be enjoyed the moment you get it! All the more reason to create memorable moments the second you pour it into the glass.

Our beloved French wine brand, Three Henry, holds our same values. Enjoying fantastic French wine for under-a-fortune allows you and your people to make any occasion one worth celebrating!

Languedoc- where Three Henry’s home is found- is a region in the south of France where French winemakers have been crafting their wine since before the Roman Empire! Three Henry’s blends are unique to the other Rose` you will find on the market and it won’t break the bank!

(Blend: 45% Grenache, 20% Caladoc-Hybrid of Grenache and Malbec, 20% Merlot, and 15% Rolle-or Vermentino).

Our friends at Three Henry describe this Rose` best: “Tastes like a fruit basket of flavors with a notable smack of nectarine! Smooth and beautiful, begging for another sip! ​It pairs well with barbeque, cookies, and bubble baths.”

Fun fact about Rose`: In the American market, Rose`-ing all day wasn’t a thing until around 2017. (What were we doing all day until then??…I guess water-ing all day??)

Provence, a stunning region of  Southern France, where most French Rose` comes from, was snubbed by the French for the ‘simple wine’ being produced. Now, Provence-style Rose´is simply a must have!

Food/wine pairing recommendation: We asked our native South Carolinian friend, Brad, who so happens to be the creator of Three Henry Wine, his suggestions for our Arkansas Foodies:

“The Rosé is great with fried chicken and potato salad on a picnic; it pairs perfectly with spicy Chinese take out, and when it’s over 90° and you’re in the back yard, it has the complexity to stand up to anything on the grill and is a whole lot more refreshing than a room temp red on an Arkansas Summer night. Also, Cajun food…any and all!” 

He’s a Southerner who loves French wine and food, so you know he’s got to be on to something!

So, snag a bottle of Three Henry Rose` and start making some memories!


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