Yes, sometimes distance, or lack there of, does make the heart grow fonder. Thanks to a recent move, I know live within minutes of Blue Cake Company. Truth be told, before a few months ago, I’d never even walked into the bakery. Now I can’t get enough of it. Specifically, those petit fours are my latest addiction. Ok, “addiction” might be a little overblown. It’s not like I’m showing up each day at Blue Cake with the thought of crushing two petit fours. But I do rather enjoy the small cubes of iced cake, and maybe it’s because they come is so many flavors.

Depending on the day, Blue Cake has a rotating variety of petit fours, including flavors like: chocolate peanut butter, cookies and cream, chocolate cayenne, chocolate and raspberry ganache, champagne, cinnamon roll, almond, blueberry, strawberry cayenne, lemon cayenne, vanilla, chocolate, and funfetti.

While I love the sweet and spicy combo of the strawberry cayenne, I think my go-to one is the strawberry. My wife’s favorite is the blueberry, but if you love chocolate, you can’t go wrong with the cookies and cream. And apologies in advance (because so many people hate this word), but the key to these treats is the moist cake and deliciously sweet icing.

You can purchase the petit fours individually, but I typically go with a set of four, which ends up costing around $10. This is a solid value, and I actually appreciate the small size of the each one. Moderation is the key to smart consumption, so if you can limit yourself to one, that’s not such a bad thing on the waistline.

Obviously, Blue Cake doesn’t limited its baked goods to petit fours. You can also order beautiful custom cakes, and the daily case includes cupcakes, small cakes, petit fours, brownie bites, and cookies.

Blue Cake
6800 Cantrell Rd.

Hours: Monday-Friday 10am-6 pm; Saturday 10am-3pm; Closed Sunday

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