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Hidden Gems Are Where It’s At in Little Rock

Hidden Gems Are Where It’s At in Little Rock
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Don’t get me wrong, we have some good upscale restaurants in the Little Rock area, but, over the past several months, the places that have really impressed me are the “hidden gems” and “hole-in-the-walls.” These are the restaurants that don’t get a ton of attention, aren’t necessarily in prime locations, and due to no advertising budget or a lack of social media presence, really fall under the radar.

But these restaurants are the backbone of the Little Rock dining scene.

I know our town still has a ways to go, but, truth be told, if you’re willing to get out of your comfort zone and check out some of these hidden gems, I think you’ll realize the food scene is much better than it gets credit for.

Just this week, I’ve had a great chicken salad sandwich at Cupcake Factory and a fantastic ham, egg, and cheese biscuit sandwich at Gadwall’s Grill in NLR.

The huevos rancheros at Taqueria Guadalajara is worth the drive to Levy, as are the cheese pupusas at Rosalinda’s just a few blocks away.

I doubt many folks reading this have eaten the fried catfish at Brewster’s 2. It’s the best version in town.

Tacos are always a popular topic. Try out La Pasadita on Cantrell.

In the mood for fantastic chicken wings? Lazy Pete’s and Chicken King are both elite options. Neither place gets much attention.

Is downhome cooking your thing? Sandy’s just on the edge of downtown is such a cozy spot with tons of character and excellent food.

The list of hidden gems is a long one … Mama’s Gyros Grill, Veggie Deli, Chang’s Thai, Greenleaf Grill, The Meteor, Milford Track, Kebab House, Midtown Billiards, Alley Oops, Taqueria Karina, Kimchee, Chinese Kitchen, K Hall and Sons, and El Torito … just to name a few.

And that’s something to get excited about.