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Tip Jar: Sushi…At Home

I’ll give out a tip every Sunday…take it or leave it!

Sushi…At Home

Hard to imagine isn’t it? I love sushi, but for many years I was just too hesitant to make it at home. Too many excuses…and finally, I just forced myself to learn. This blog entry isn’t about how to make sushi (I’ll save that for another time). It’s to let you know that buying sushi grade fish at stores like H Mart or Ranch Market or any other Asian market will save you big money. Pictured above is a sample of what I prepared the other day. All the ingredients probably cost me around $20. This same meal at a restaurant would have cost $60-$70 (before tip). The easiest way to learn how to make some basic sushi rolls would be to google “How to Make Sushi”. That’s how I learned. It’s not hard, and only takes 2-3 times before you really get the hang of it.

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Tip Jar: Variety is the Spice of Life

I’ll give out a tip every Sunday…take it or leave it!

Variety is the Spice of Life
This week’s tip will keep with the recent Asian theme. One of my absolute favorite culinary activities is checking out an Asian market. I am fortunate to live in Houston because we have so many good ones. I recently checked out Ranch Market on I-10. It was okay, but to me it doesn’t get better than Super H Mart on Blalock. Great selection and not so large that you’ll get lost.

My tip is this: If you enjoy trying your hand at a new cuisine such as Asian cooking…go to an authentic market, not aisle 8 in Kroger’s. And when you’re at a place like H Mart, try a few new things each time. Today I picked up some new udon noodles. Even if you strikeout a few times, it’s better than not trying something different.

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Tip Jar: Shower Cap Food Saver

Every Sunday you’ll get a tip…take it or leave it.

Shower Cap Food Saver

Imagine a dinner that yields a massive amount of leftovers. You go for the plastic wrap…but alas, you’re out. What do you do? What do you do? (sorry…this is a reference from the movie Speed…it was on this week, and it’s so bad you just can’t turn it off) Remember that little box-o-shower-cap you nabbed from the 4-star hotel? Go ahead and break it out. It works wonders in a pinch. Start a collection and save a little money…they re-use quite well. In this picture, I wrapped up my sausage (thank you..I’ll be here all weekend…remember to tip your waiter).

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Tip Jar: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

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Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
Everyone has their own method when it comes to doing even the most mundane kitchen activities. For years, when I made spaghetti I would take the pasta out of the package and snap it in half before throwing in the water. This caused pasta shards to fly around the kitchen. The solution? I slowly break the pasta while it’s inside the package….then I open and dump in the water. No mess!

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