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Greetings Mighty Rib Readers! February, the month for lovers, Valentine’s Day and the coming end to winter, which are sweet events led us to review a beer that is mighty sweet: Lindemans Framobise Lambic. Lindemans is the brewer of this beer and they are located outside of Brussels, Belgium. They’ve been producing Lambic since around 1803. What is Lambic one might ask? Having done a little research, the primary difference between a  and say a Lager beer is that with a Lambic, yeast is not added during the brewing process. Since this type of beer is unique to a small region near Brussels, during the process, the vats remain open and wild yeasts that are found in the air, add themselves to the wort, fulfilling “spontaneous fermentation”. Framboise is one of the types of malty creations that Lindemans produces. “Framboise” means raspberry, and although I normally don’t care what I drink a beer from, I definitely suggest serving Framboise in a glass in order to see the very rosy color of the raspberry beer. This is definitely a unique product that we both highly suggest you try.

Overall Taste: Wayne’s Take
Ah, what can I say about Lindemans? I tried this beer several years ago and very much enjoyed it. Lindemans Framboise, doesn’t even really taste like beer. Its hard really to describe, if you are expecting a beer taste, then you’ve got another thing coming. Framboise is raspberry flavored and is the only Lindemans flavor that I’ve had. I will try others, its just that this product is so unique and so good. A word of warning, you will definitely need a corkscrew when you crack open your Lindemans, as it has a corked top.

I would say that Lindemans most definitely tastes like a sour Raspberry Jolly Rancher that fizzes. I uncorked the bottle and was immediately hit with a sumptuous, luscious aroma of raspberry, it was an unmistakable smell, and a little surprising as you wouldn’t think that a beer would smell this way. I poured my Lindemans in a glass, I wish I could think of another color that would describe the palette, since I have used the word raspberry so much already, but I just can’t think of one, it was definitely raspberry colored. There was a nice fizzy pink hued head to the beer. It isn’t as fizzy and carbonated as a Sprite or Coke, but there were tiny small bubbles, actually quite pleasing to look at. I took my first drink, and as customary during one of my reviews, let it sit, noting the first surprising, liquid, taste of raspberry jolly rancher hit my taste buds. The fizz sat on my tongue for a bit too and quickly dissipated. Definitely sour and tart, which are not the common adjectives when describing a beer product. I am one that appreciates a sour candy and in this case a sour beer, it definitely maintained its acerbic nature after I swallowed (that’s what she said), but it went down nicely. There wasn’t any sour aftertaste either- a most delicious sour and tart treat.

Overall Taste: Leah’s Take
I think i first tried Lindemans Framboise at a bar near DC and was instantly hooked. I have tried some of the other versions of Lindemans lambic including peach, but this one is the best in my opinion. I think it tastes much more like natural rasberry that has been slightly fermented than a Jolly Rancher, and is neither too sweet nor too tart. I love the fact that Lindemans Framboise is so fruity and light that most non-beer drinkers would enjoy it, but distinctly a REAL BEER so nobody should tease you for drinking it. Its not a beer I would suggest for a marathon drinking session because of its cost and its sugar content – the latter of which to me equates to a fierce hangover. However, a glass or even two could be enjoyed either on a cold February night or at a summer outdoor picnic. It should be consumed very cold in my opinion, and I agree with Wayne that you must pour it into a glass to get the full experience.

Meal Pairing: Wayne’s Take
Valentine’s Day is synonymous with chocolate, although I don’t see any reason why everyday shouldn’t be synonymous with chocolate, which is perfect because Lindemans Raspberry Limbic would go perfect with chocolate. I should be specific, milk chocolate would probably be o.k. with Lindemans Raspberry Lambic, but a dark chocolate, bittersweet or semisweet chocolate would go best. Lindemans Rasberry Lambic is definitely a dessert beer, which I would also recommend with a fruity dessert as well.

Meal Pairing: Leah’ s Take
I agree with Wayne that Lindemans Framboise would go great with chocolate or anything sweet. I have also had it alongside a salad with tender spring greens, fruity vinaigrette and baked goat cheese and it was wonderful. Lindemans sweet, tart flavor pairs nicely with a goat or blue cheese, so you could also order it with the right kind of cheese tasting platter as well. Its also just wonderful to drink all by itself out on some deck- maybe at one of the many patio bars in Houston’s Heights.

In summary, what have we learned in the month of February? We have learned that Lindemans Raspberry Limbic Framboise is a very delicious, behavioral, tart, sour and wonderful beer. Both Leah and I suggest it to all, if you try any of their other flavors, let us know how they are.


katelyn February 24, 2011 at 9:47 am

add a shot of Stoli Razz for an extra kick. it’s quite delicious!

The Mighty Rib February 24, 2011 at 2:56 pm

Thank you for the excellent recommendation!

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