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Molly reviews Houston’s Quattro..through the eyes of a vegetarian!

Overall Vegetarian Selection: (3.5) Stars
I have to hand it to Quattro. Out of the “fancy pantsy” restaurants I’ve been to, Quattro has been the only one that had little “v” marks next to menu items that were vegetarian. Not only did they designate which dishes were vegetarian, they actually had a handful of vegetarian meals to choose from! About 99 percent of the time when I’ve been to an extra nice restaurant, there isn’t a vegetarian dish on the menu. When I tell the server I’m a vegetarian, the chef always graciously puts together a plate full of vegetables and other sides…which for the record is fine with me but I actually got a choice when ordering at Quattro and that was nice.

Ordered Dish: (3) Stars
For my appetizer I ordered the mozzarella di bufala which was basically a tomato stuffed with Buffalo mozzarella served on top of greens and shallots on the side. The presentation was very nice and the appetizer was the perfect size. Quattro had me impressed with this dish.

For my entrée I ordered the margherita pizza. The pizza was…just pizza. It was pretty good, not horrible, but since Quattro is the Four Seasons restaurant I was expecting more than just average. If I was at Chili’s I would have given this pizza five stars. But since I was at Quattro I was expecting knock my socks off pizza. What I would order next time is the asparagus lasagna. Sounds interesting.

Healthy Rating: (2) Stars
The appetizer was pretty light and healthy but the health meter when down when the pizza came out. Lots of cheese which equates to fat and sodium. I think this pizza had me covered for half my protein intake for the day and calcium too. The pizza was on a thin crust so for carb-phobia people I guess that’s good.

Overall Opinion: (4) Stars
Since Quattro is the Four Seasons restaurant, I was expecting nothing less than A+ service and they didn’t let me down. Right when we walked in for our reservation, the hostess promptly wished my husband and I a happy wedding anniversary. At the end of our meal the waiter brought out a small dish of various chocolates with flowers on it for our occasion. The décor in Quattro is modern with clean lines. Our table which sat two had mini couches on each side instead of chairs. Each mini couch was perfect for one person which I thought was unique. One observation – our reservation was on a Saturday evening at 7 p.m. and Quattro was pretty empty, even the bar. I don’t know if this is the norm or if it because we were eating pretty early in the evening.

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Chris June 30, 2011 at 11:36 am

This is the first time I’ve heard of Quattro. I think we may visit soon. Places not near what’s happening around Houston have been a little sparse lately. The stuffed tomato plate sounds good.

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