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Molly’s latest restaurant review…through the eyes of a vegetarian!

Ratings based on 1-5 Stars
Overall Vegetarian Selection: (3) Stars
Generally, pizza is usually a place where meat and veggie eaters alike can go and everyone is happy. Pink’s Pizza offers 20 specialty pizzas but only three are vegetarian. I was kind of disappointed when I saw my options were limited if I wanted a specialty pizza. Plus on the menu it stated there were no substitutions on the specialty pizzas. There were several I thought would be delicious except they had chicken or some type of meat on them.

If I wanted to get around the limited vegetarian specialty pizzas, I could have ordered a regular pizza and added my own toppings. That sounded all good and well except a lot of the unique and yummy vegetarian toppings were considered “premium toppings” and cost 75 cents extra on top of the base topping price. Eggplant, cranberries, roasted red bell pepper and sun dried tomatoes sound delicious but why do they cost more than chicken breast or Canadian bacon? Not sure why but I felt miffed.

Ordered Dish: (3) Stars
Since this was my first time at Pink’s Pizza I wanted to see what all the fuss was about so I went ahead and ordered a specialty pizza – the Classic. The Classic had feta, pecorino romano, mozzarella, roma tomato, garlic, sun dried tomato and basil. I know Pink’s Pizza is popular. I wanted to like it, but I really wasn’t impressed. The roma tomatoes were so unripe they were light red, almost orange. The crust was ok but not really to my liking. There was a sweetness to the dough and sauce that I detected but that didn’t bother me…or win me over for that matter. I was expecting much better for the price I paid for this pizza.

Also, all of their drinks were bottled – nothing fountain. I drink my weight in water and was almost done drinking the water in my bottle even before the pizza was brought out. There was no way I was ordering and paying for a second bottle of water. This is where free refills – especially on water come in.

Healthy Rating: (3) Stars
Considering it was pizza, my meal was still pretty healthy. The thin crust cut back on calories and the toppings were vegetables. There was a lot of cheese so that is where the fat and calories come in but also my protein and calcium for the day. The pizza as always was high in sodium. I think this is an unavoidable, universal factor in commercial pizza.

Overall Opinion: (3) Stars
When I learned Star Pizza opened in Oak Forest/Garden Oaks I was really excited. I had heard a lot of positive things about the other locations but I left disappointed. We went at noon on a Sunday. The place was only half full but the staff acted slammed and discombobulated. They also forgot two of my dining companion’s appetizer and salad. The food was not horrible but next time I am sticking with my beloved Star Pizza.

3403 N. Shepherd