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The Houston Press recently came out with an article about their Top 10 places to eat in the Oak Forest area. Thought I’d give my own version since I’ve lived here most of my life. My apologizes for alienating my “unfamiliar with Houston readers”.

10. China Doll-Gotta keep it real with this one. China Doll has it’s fair share of loyalists and critics. I grew up less than a mile from the restaurant and I’ve eaten here more than any other place. The fried rice, egg rolls and Pork Egg Foo Young are still spectacular.

9. Yo Mama’s Soul Food-You will not find better mac n’ cheese, sweet potatoes, and stuffing anywhere in the vacinity. Oh, and I almost forgot the meat loaf…awesome.

8. Tia Maria’s-I know this place is a run-of-the-mill Mexican restaurant, but it is definitely special to me. Although most of their food is average, the beef fajitas are tops in my book. The charred onions and bell peppers are what seal the deal.

7. Simo’s-This blue-collar diner located right off Shepherd scores big points. They do a solid breakfast, but I generally find myself their at lunch time…consuming a gyro and fries. Can’t beat it.

6. El Rey-Just great Mexican and Cuban food. I love the pastor tortas and the traditional Cuban sandwiches. Give the Key Lime Pie a try…very underrated.

5. Mi Sombrero-Speaking of underrated…I’ve got Mi Sombrero on my list. They serve a fabulous breakfast. For lunch or dinner, I usually get the shredded chicken nachos. My goodness they are great! How this place doesn’t get more pub is beyond me.

4. Supreme Sandwiches-What??? You know that little place off TC Jester next to the other mega-sandwich chain? This place is far better and much cheaper. I love running in for lunch and grabbing one of their sandwiches off the counter. Love the chicken salad.

3. Miller’s Cafe-How in the world did this not make the Houston Press list? This place serves one of the top burgers in all of Houston, much less Oak Forest. You walk up, you order a burger and fries, you sit down, you eat…you happy.

2. Cafe Red Onion-Seems too nice for a neighborhood restaurant and the prices are a bit high, but one can’t deny the food quality. I love the chicken pupusas. Great margaritas…some of the best in Houston.

1. Olde Towne Kolache-And speaking of the best…right across the freeway from Red Onion, you’ll find the best kolache in Houston and possibly the country at Old Towne. The tradional sausage and cheese is outstanding, but my usual choice is the sausage, egg and cheese rancheros. Just a hot pocket of cheesy, eggy, sausagy goodness…with just enough spice.

Crazy random fact for my sports lover:
June 16, 1986…my one and only experience going to Wrigley Field. Cubs beat the Phillies that day. I was 8. Making his major league debut for the Cubs was a youngster named Jaime Moyer. He just 3-hit the Yanks tonight. I am almost 33.


Anonymous June 20, 2010 at 4:09 pm

Cajun Town?

Vieng Thai?

By Brent Davis

Kevin Shalin June 20, 2010 at 8:29 pm

Didn't consider those to be in the Oak Forest area. Vieng Thai is definitely more Spring Branch. That said, I've never eaten at V.T.

Amy P July 7, 2010 at 8:16 pm

Oh, you must try Vieng Thai. My folks are always talking about that place.

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