My random thoughts…brought to you once a week.

  • Religion Alert!!! I know I promised no politics or religion, but I’m breaking the rules. What religious cult decided that it was a good idea to storm people as they pump their gas? You know what I like to do when I pump gas? It’s pump gas. Get back in your leader’s Corolla and drive the h*ll away from me.
  • Weekly Testicular Update. Tired of reading about my damaged sac? Too bad. It hurts, and the world needs to know. Actually, pretty decent week for the boys. I suffered a slight, errant graze from Syd’s foot. I was fortunate…sometimes the graze hurts even more. Must be building up a resistance.
  • Nat (the 5-yr-old) has a small scratch on her chin. She told us yesterday that she “probably just needs to put some Proactive on it”. D*mn Teen Nick!
  • The Astros are in shambles. Lance Berkman is either hurt or finished. Judging by the bat speed, I’m guessing finished. Manzella, Hernandez and Feliz are not major league players.
  • How does Ashton Kutcher continue to get work? Have you seen the previews to his latest movie?
  • Speaking of movies…I went to see Iron Man 2. Thought it was entertaining. Robert Downey is the anti-Kutcher.
  • Four years later and still one of my favorite pictures. Those darn invisible cows.