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My random thoughts…brought to you once a week!

  • Apparently, the lady freak show was going on last Friday at Kroger’s. 1. I’m 99% certain the homeless woman walking in next to me had just crapped her pants. 2. The 70-year-old lady with horseshoe pattern baldness was just weird. (“But Kevin, you’re bald!” I know, still weird). 3. Another female decided it was a good idea to take her bicycle through the store. 4. Finally, not one hot chick in the entire store! Not one! Guys need a five-hot-chick minimum to get through every grocery store visit. Any heterosexual man that tells you otherwise is lying.
  • I tasted a fresh mulberry the other day. Not my thing, but glad I did it.
  • For the last few years, Lance Berkman was fat and below average as a hitter. This year he is skinny and tearing the cover off the ball. My theory…he was pouting because the Astros gave Carlos Lee a bigger contract than him. Say what you want, but that never sat well with him.
  • Shows to watch: American Restoration and Workaholics. The latter is fairly stupid, but it had me laughing at times. Think Office Space, but with a ton of weed.
  • Those who know me well, know I have a bit of a sneaker problem. Basically, I’m a sneaker whore. Some guys play golf. I buy sneakers and eat at cool restaurants (usually not in sneakers). Endorsement time: I love anything Saucony’s. So comfortable.
  • If you could punch one person on television, who would it be?
  • Favorite cheese: Smoked Gouda
  • Most overrated show ever: Everybody Loves Raymond. It sucks. Most underrated comedian: Louie CK.
  • One of my students (high school) raised his hand and privately asked me if he could step outside. I asked why. He said he had to fart. What do you say to that?
  • I watched two minutes of The Voice last night. Not for me. Cee-Lo freaks me out the same way Oompa Loompas freak me out.


Stacy April 27, 2011 at 2:29 pm

I’d punch all 3 Kardashians. They count as one person, right? And all the OC Housewives – especially the one that pronounced ciabatta bread “chia batta.”

Also, I am totally with you on Everybody Loves Raymond. I HATE THAT SHOW. If it even comes on by mistake – say someone’s ass hit the remote or something – I scream bloody murder until the channel is changed. If I hear Ray Romano’s annoyingly nasal voice or that monster Brad Garrett’s deep bellow, I lose it, man! LOSE IT!

The Mighty Rib April 27, 2011 at 3:04 pm

I will accept your Kardashian answer. Although, honestly…I still can’t figure out who I want to punch. The dude that brags about his garden in the Lowe’s commercials is topping my charts. But I’m not willing to commit my one punch towards him just yet.

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