My random thoughts…brought to you once a week!

  • I saw a grown man get out of his BMW and walk his child to school…in his PJs.
  • I hate BBQ restaurant hours.  I rarely get a craving for bbq, but I did the other night.  I think it was around 6:30–closed!  D@mn you Pierson’s.
  • If you had a gun to my head, and asked me to correctly spell “cinnamon” and “embarrassment”, I still couldn’t do it.  I just hit spell check.  No kidding.
  • Samba Grille is an awesome restaurant…and next week, you’ll find out why…on Houston Press’ Eating Our Words.
  • People…I know this will cause me to lose readers, but for the love of God, please stop writing on FB about how much your spouse loves you!  No one cares!  Save yourself the 30 seconds it took to type the message, go over to your spouse, and share a moment.  The rest of us could give a sh*t.
  • This is the new reason why I hate V-Day.  It’s not the gift-giving, it’s the FB status updates.
  • Congrats to Mike, from Finding Balance…he’s on the road to success.  It’s not easy, but he’s doing well.
  • Here’s a cool wine bar in Houston that’s a real hidden gem: Simone on Sunset.  Just go and thank me later.