My random thoughts…once a week.

  • I went to Kroger’s the other day. Wanted to pick up a few items…one of which was cilantro. Apparently, the mental institution let out some patients to do a little grocery roaming. I watched this nut-job rifle through every bunch of cilantro…and then every leaf on every bunch. Each time I went back…she was still there. I’m cilantro-less this week.
  • Sydney got a Leapfrog Walker for her birthday from her grandparents. It’s now her third favorite toy. Right behind the package of Welch’s chewies she carries around, and the air return grate she bangs on 100 times a day.
  • Speaking of kids…Nat hit me in the nuts again. And again it was accidental (true). The latest unfortunate incident occurred during a tickling session. Her left knee did a pile-drive on my package. Why do people think this makes your voice go higher? My throat is still sore from the low-pitched grunt. I’m up to about $30K if America’s Funniest Home Videos is watching.
  • This is who the Rockets are desperately trying to sign as our next savior. Really?
  • Denver’s convention center is cool…why can’t Houston have a giant bear looking in a window?