My random thoughts…brought to you once a week!

  • I swear my youngest daughter sounds like a French ewoke.  I know that doesn’t translate well into the typed word, but it’s true.
  • There is nothing worse than going onto FB after a political speech.
  • I by no means am trying to be funny with this comment…if you suffer from seizures, you might want to re-think going to a Rockets’ game.
  • You know what’s the problem with constantly writing about food?  The food.  It’s all you think about.  Fun to hash over in the brain, but doesn’t help with Unique Randomness material.
  • No kidding…I have no idea what Jersey Shore is about.  I think I am proud of that.
  • I pour my blood, sweat, tears (well, not tears), heart and soul into a piece for HP’s Eating Our Words about great Houston eating experiences=13 reader comments.  I write a piece about fast food chicken=32 comments.  Go figure!
  • My buddy Vivek’s blog turned 6 months old the other day.  Congrats!  Always a great read.
  • If you live in Houston, try out Sweet Tea’s on 19th.  Everything is good…especially Italian Night on Fridays.  We went last week and were very pleased.  Live music, BYOB, just a great time.