At some point, don't we all?

My random thoughts…once a week!

  • Is there a better publication out there than Sky Mall? I say no. Why? Just check this out! The Brobdingnagian Sports Chair. Say that three times.  And if you can’t say it, at least know what brobdingnagian means. Do you think they’ve sold more than five of these? I can just picture this @sshole at Miller Outdoor Theatre pissing off about a thousand people.
  • I asked my wife to pick me up a new toothbrush the other day. She comes back with a double-pack (pink and purple). Come on!!! I know it shouldn’t matter, and I know no one will see, but there is something very emasculating about using a pink or purple toothbrush.
  • The rib crawl was a success! When I got home, I smelled like a barbeque pit. Sweet!
  • The Texans are just plain sad. This is the last I’ll write about them for a while. But all I can really say is that the culture in that organization is waaaay off.
  • Here’s an interesting question: Why was the Cotton Bowl not played in the actual Cotton Bowl? But the Ticket City Bowl was played in the Cotton Bowl. Cotton Bowl representatives really need to look into moving the Cotton Bowl into its rightful spot…the Cotton Bowl. Reason #10,190 why I hate college football.
  • I staged a very quiet, non-confrontational protest Monday night against the BSC championship game between Oregon and Auburn. I chose not to watch the game in defiance of the debacle that is college football.
  • Sir Spam-a-lot: I need a new strategy…every week I contact one food blogger from around the country in order to let them know about my Test Kitchen feature that I do on Saturdays. Basically, I take one of their recipes, cook it, and write about it. Problem is, when I let them know of this impending event, I think I come off sounding like a stocker/spammer. Basically, I think I need a new pitch. Here’s the current one: “Hi, my name is Kevin Shalin and I have a food blog down in Houston. I recently found your blog while surfing the net and it looks great. I especially liked your Chicken Corn Chowder recipe and will feature it next Saturday on my blog.” Does this sound pervish to you? If so, I need some suggestions.
  • Syd had this sticker (pictured above) on her back at daycare last week. I just can’t throw it away. I’m keeping it. When I’m 80, sitting in a nursing home, and she comes to visit, guess what sticker’s gonna be on my shirt? Circle of life.

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anonym January 12, 2011 at 9:45 am

Nothing wrong with a purple toothbrush.

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