This is Colorado...way before the blizzard.

My random thoughts…brought to you once a week!

  • Some of you know by now, and if you don’t, you will…Sara and I were in Denver/Vail over the past weekend.  Great trip.  The details would bore just about everyone, but I will tell you I had the pleasure of driving through a blizzard (in a Hyundai) on our way back from Vail.  It was a lot of fun, and expect me to work it into conversation every chance I get.
  • Examples of what to expect:

“Hey Kevin, how’s your break been going?” “Great, I drove through a blizzard!”

“Hi Kevin.  Can you believe it’s 77 degrees today?”  “Yeah, that’s crazy.  I drove through a blizzard!”

“Kevin, this steak is fabulous.  What marinade did you use?”  “Soy sauce, and I drove through a blizzard!”

  • I made my annual visit to the post office last week.  I’d say the experience is equivalent to a swift kick in the nuts, but it’s more like a slow foot grind to the gonads.
  • This just in…Gary Kubiak is a nice person.  Also just in…please fire his nice @ss!
  • What do you think the divorce rate is for those couples in jewelry commercials?
  • My web site finally got attacked by spammers.  You know you’ve made it when you get attacked by spammers.  On a positive note, I’ve never received so many vague compliments in a ten-minute span.  It was a real confidence booster.
  • When you’ve got food on the brain all the time like I do, you are constantly thinking of absolutely dumb sh*t.  Like this: “If tomorrow you could only keep around onions or mushrooms, which one would you choose?” And yes, I’m well aware I have problems.
  • I had the best meal ever last week…you’ll get to read about it on Monday.  Really, it was the best meal ever!
  • I am so freaking tired of sitting behind airplane farters.
  • Pet Peeve of the Week: People who fart on airplanes, especially before the plane takes off, and there isn’t proper A/C flow.
  • Did you know I drove through a blizzard last week?  I did.
  • Happy Holidays to all!  And thanks for following along.  Hopefully, you won’t have to drive through a blizzard this year like I did.


natalie December 22, 2010 at 5:44 pm

we drove through a blizzard as well, last year – on our way to the post office, with the baby farting and the jewelry store couple divorcing in the back seat. ridiculous.

Sara December 22, 2010 at 10:30 pm


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