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The 1-A Awards

This week’s UR is a tribute to Chicago….aka Second City. But to me, from a culinary standpoint, it’s just 1-A. I promise this will be my last Chicago post for awhile. My H-Town people have probably had their fill. I’ve got so many more restaurant reviews but will hold off, and disperse them throughout the year. Sorry, no links this time around. Just google the restaurant for more info.

Best Meal Award
Sushi Para II
$20 for all-you-can-eat awesome sushi!!! Are you kidding me? Nope. Houston needs Sushi Para.

Best Salad Award
RoseAngeli’s Insalata
Check out that picture up top. How does that look? I know…about the best d@mn salad you’ve ever seen.

Best Atmosphere Award

Tied: Lou Mitchell’s and Al’s
I just couldn’t choose which place had the better Chicago feel…so I didn’t.

Fat-@ss Award

The only reason I ate at this Bennigan’s-But-Worse establishment was because it was late, we had just flown in, and it was next to the hotel. Even my salad was covered with fried calamari, except it was more batter than sea creature.

Place I Felt Like I Was Going to Get Shot Award

Nice place, nice neighborhood. But it was eerily quiet for breakfast, and it felt like some mobster was about to cap my ass.

Everyone Knows Your Name Award
This Lincoln Park neighborhood sports bar was just plain awesome. It has ruined me for all other sports bars.

Best Service Award
Just a nice counter guy. It was important to him that we enjoyed our sandwiches.

Worst Service Award
No where
Seriously…great, friendly service everywhere.

Worst Dish Award

Houlihan’s Fried Mushrooms
I’m a bit of a fried mushroom whore. But these were obscenely bad. Too big, too cheesy, and super greasy. Eating just one decreased my life expectancy by a week…maybe more.

When in Rome Award
Hot Spot Dog
I just had to try an authentic Chicago dog. My chronic TMJ (jaw problems) had me worried about this thing…it was loaded with tomatoes, pickles, etc. I’m glad I tried one…the ingredients surprisingly worked well. And don’t get me started with the super soft poppy seed bun.