My random thoughts….brought to you once a week!

  • I absolutely hate the word “uber”. People using it should be beaten with an uber big stick.
  • You know that little disc icon that’s clicked when saving a file? Shouldn’t it now be a USB drive?
  • I think Sugar Ray is the worst musical group in the history of the universe. Listening to even one second of Every Morning makes me nauseous. I know this is old music…I’m just saying.
  • According to a recent email I received, I am the new proud winner of the Australian Lottery. Lucky me.
  • I watched Bored to Death and East Bound and Down for the first time last Sunday. I’m now a big fan of both…plus, Boardwalk Empire is heating up.
  • Someone needs to give Alton Brown a double bacon cheeseburger. That man doesn’t look well. I hope he is.
  • Watching Arian Foster run is a beautiful thing.