My random thoughts…brought to you once a week!

  • Mental note to tell the managers of LA Fitness to please change the channel. I just can’t take looking up and seeing The View anymore. And what moron decided it was a good idea to sex-up Joy Behar? Looking at her cleavage is like looking at the sun…you know it’s bad for you and it could be blinding.
  • I have to come clean here…I said “git er dun” once this week. Worse yet, a friend called me out on it. And even worse…it was in the presence of small children. He was right. It was a mistake…I’m owning it…and promise to never let it happen again.
  • I saw on tv yesterday that Erin Andrews is leading the cause for “anti-stalking laws”. I’m leading the cause for “anti-Erin Andrews laws”. This just in…she really enjoys being in front of a camera. Stalking is bad, what happened to her was bad…drugs are bad…mmmkay (South Park reference).
  • I could run the Astros…seriously, I could. First order of business…trade Carlos Lee for a gross of used jock straps. One of his prized Brahmas could man LF better than him.
  • I took Nat to see Toy Story 3. Awesome movie…even for adults. I didn’t cry at the end…swear.
  • Facebook Folley of the Week: Recognize this person? “Hey everyone…Little Johnnie just graduated kindergarten.” D*mn it! No he didn’t. He just FINISHED kindergarten. You graduate high school or college or salon school. You don’t graduate kindergarten…you finish it and move to the 1st grade. Did Little Johnnie get a diploma? (I’m guessing that answer is yes). My daughter just finished kinder…and I thank little 8 pounds 6 ounce baby Jesus that there wasn’t a ceremony. Final point…please don’t take 115 pics of the ceremony and post them. If we’re not the kids grandparents, we stopped looking at 0.