We’ll get things going with a list. Who doesn’t like lists? The following is my top 20 restaurants. I know there may be better out there, but these are the best of the best of the places I’ve been. We’ll start at 20 and work our way down.

#20 Goode Company Seafood Houston, TX

Ahhh, the red-headed stepchild of the Goode Company family of restaurants. All you hear about in Houston is what they do with BBQ, but I feel the real action is in the water. How do I know? Back in my office working days I ate there every Friday for about two years. Got the seafood gumbo every time. Everything else on the menu (fresh fish, po boys, etc) is fabulous but the gumbo is where it’s at. It has a thick base with tons of crab and shrimp. Perfect level of spiciness. One downfall…it will render you virtually incapacitated for this rest of your work day. It’s a lot different than a typical gumbo, and for good reason…it’s the best!