#12 Eischen’s Okarche, OK

I really thought long and hard about this one even making my list. Just a disclaimer, I’ve had better fried chicken. My mom’s is better, but she does not have a restaurant. Eischen’s does, and their chicken is the best I’ve ever exchanged money for. Before we get to the chicken, let’s get to the location. Take I-35 north of Oklahoma City. Take a left and drive 45 minutes. Ten minutes after taking that left, you’ll realize you’re in the movie Twister. No really, I think this was exactly where it was filmed. If a tornado should happen to arise, you’ll probably be dead within a few minutes. I know what you’re thinking…this better be some good chicken, right? It is. Your near hour journey to nowhere actually leads you to the town of Okarche. In the middle of this thriving metropolis is Eishcen’s. Expect a long wait. Spend that time deciding between the vast items on the menu. They include: fried chicken, fried okra, frito pie. That’s it (maybe one other thing). I decided to be bold and went with the fried chicken and okra. The bird is small and tasty. Not greasy at all. It’s super crispy and a person with a hearty appetite could take an entire one down. The okra is second to none. Those little and light nuggets of joy may even surpass the chicken. Eischen’s is an Oklahoma landmark. This restaurant is very laid back and is a real memorable eating experience. And remember… since you’re in Oklahoma, sleeves are optional.