#16 Vietnam Restaurant Houston, TX

Sorry, I’m from Houston. A few of these are going to be from here.

It’s almost a guarantee you’ll drive right past this place the first time around and never know it. This once “hole in the wall”, located in the Heights, recently bought out its next door neighbor…doubling its size. I liked it better when it was smaller, but who can blame them? Business is good when food is great. The menu is split down the middle with Chinese and Vietnamese entrees. I love Vietnamese food, but not here. Go with Chinese every time. Start out with a bowl of wonton soup. Best wonton in the city…guaranteed. But if you are allergic to shrimp, stay away! The signature dish on the menu is the Vietnam Beef. Very tasty and it comes with a lemon dipping sauce that is quite unique. Other recommended dishes include the Orange Chicken, vegetable lo mein, and sauteed green beans. Great place to go for vegetarians. It may sound crazy, but Vietnam even makes tofu taste good. This restaurant offers a real Houston experience (if there’s such a thing). Has a very artsy/trendy feel to it, but surprisingly Vietnam Restaurant is one of the more kid friendly restaurants in Houston. Smart owners know kids prefer those giant candy rings over fortune cookies. And when you’ve won over the kids, the parents will be back.

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Doug April 4, 2010 at 4:20 pm

there was a Vietnamese place i went to in Dallas and it was just the best. i haven't had the time to search for a new one. I'm looking forward to going with the wife!

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