#5 Polynesia Cafe Kauai, HI

“Gourmet Food on a Paper Plate”…that’s Polynesia Cafe’s slogan. Went there twice on my trip to Hawaii a few years back. It’s definitely held a place in my heart. When you are in a spot as nice as Kauai, I’m sure it makes great food become memorable food. I’m told Polynesia serves breakfast and lunch. Not for me they don’t. Located in the northern tip of the island in a town called Hanalei, Polynesia is a walk-up, laid back restaurant that’s best visited an hour before sunset. Grab a pulled pork sandwich, an order of sesame chicken, and head about 10 minutes west to Kei’i Beach. Park yourself down with your meal and enjoy one of the world’s best sunsets. Ok, now back to the food. The Hawaiians have mastered the pig…this is quite evident when you take a bite of that pulled pork sandwich. Very tasty and it doesn’t hurt that Polynesia bakes their own wheat buns. The sesame chicken is the best I’ve ever had…and it looks fancy to boot. There’s just a lot going on in that extra sturdy paper plate. Polynesia, like everything else in Hawaii, is in no rush. Fast service is not one of their strong points. Expect a long line at Polynesia. Just make sure you give yourself enough time to catch that sunset.