#8 Teotihuacan Mexican Restaurant Houston, TX

Say that three times. What Teo’s lacks in name choice, they make up for in food. Go to the Airline location and park yourself on the deck. Start out with a frozen margarita and a small order of the beef steak nachos. Teo’s take on the nacho offers a more personalized touch. You won’t find a mess of chips piled high with various fixings. Each chip is individually dressed with cheddar cheese, refried beans, and tender beef steak. Guac, sour cream and tomatoes are there for the dippin’. I’ve never had better nachos, and often times this is all I get. Everything from the tacos al carbon to enchiladas to fried avocados are fantastic. Teo’s represents the best all-around Mexican eating experience in Houston. Wake up early on Saturday morning and take the family for a dynamite breakfast. All the standards are there…migas, breakfast tacos, and a can’t miss huevos rancheros. There’s nothing better than mopping up the egg yolk with a fresh, homemade tortilla…or two…or three. Teo’s has gotten very popular over the last few years. Most people realize the food is a lot better than Spanish Flowers, the iconic restaurant located just a few blocks away. Finding a table could prove to be challenging on a Friday night. I’d get there by six or prepare to wait.


mama mia April 13, 2010 at 5:01 pm

love this place and its other location on Irvington, where we head when we can't get in the parking lot on Airline…often the service is better on Irvington…food equally yummy both places

kshalin April 13, 2010 at 6:16 pm

totally agree…there's actually a third location somewhere off of South Post Oak…too far though

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