#9 In the Raw Oklahoma City, OK

In the Raw defies all logic. It’s an awesome sushi eatery on the banks of Oklahoma City’s version of the Riverwalk. It just makes no sense…until you taste it. I’m a firm believer that food generally sucks in the touristy parts of cities. In the Raw proves me wrong. Chic and trendy come to mind as you enter the place. We didn’t have reservations, so to the sushi bar we went. I don’t mind this though…you can learn a lot about a place by parking yourself at the bar. I’ve been to my fair share of sushi establishments to quickly realize these people knew what they were doing. I chatted it up with our waiter who raved about the sushi’s freshness (driven in from Dallas each day). Sara and I ordered our standard portions of sushi. Sara also coaxed me into splitting a salad as an appetizer. Well, at In the Raw, they refer to appetizers as “Beginnings”. Told you it was trendy. We ordered the Lomi Salad…$17.95. I thought that was outrageous for a salad until I looked at the description. Here’s the rundown: fresh tuna, salmon, halibut, tomatoes and cucumbers marinated in lemon-chili vinegar, served on sushi rice, topped with scallions and masago. It was enormous, probably under priced, and positively the finest thing I have ever eaten at a sushi restaurant. The portions of fish were outstanding and the warm rice underneath was the perfect temperature. All the flavors melded together in absolute harmony. We were full from just splitting the salad. Our sushi rolls were outstanding as well. The fresh, buttery salmon was definitely the highlight for me. My in-laws live in Oklahoma City. In the Raw has not seen the last of me.

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