Every week I’ll give out a tip. Take it or leave it.

This week’s Tip Jar is a story of redemption. Reeling from the previous night’s blondie debacle, I knew Sunday’s lunch for the in-laws was my chance to get back on track. I thought a little outside the box and decided to combine two recipes into one dish. Here’s what I did:

I took the avocado salsa recipe from a few weeks ago and used it as a topping for a grilled pork loin. Turned out to be a great combination. For the pork loin, I sprinkled a common dry rub seasoning and threw it on the grill for ten minutes on each side. For the salsa, I cut the red wine vinegar in half and left out the bell pepper (because I didn’t have one).

When you’re not sure what to cook. sometimes it can be a good idea to combine two recipes that you know well to make one great dish!