Each week I’ll give out a tip. Take it or leave it.

Ever roasted an eggplant? It’s easy. And eggplant is high in fiber, as well as many vitamins. I am not the biggest fan of hiding veggies from kids, but eggplant is not the most visually appealing vegetable for a child. Here’s a good tip for hiding it.

1. Take a medium-sized eggplant and lightly coat with olive oil and some salt.

2. Put the eggplant on a baking sheet and place in a 400 degree oven for about 40 minutes.

3. Open oven and give eggplant a little tap…should be soft. If not, cook a little longer.

4. Remove from oven with some tongs, and immediately place eggplant in a ziplock bag. Seal.

5. Wait five minutes. Carefully take out eggplant. It will be very hot.

6. The skin should peel away easily. Separate skin from eggplant meat using a knife and fork.

7. Take a large knife and chop up the eggplant…it should be quite mushy.

8. Take a large pot, pour in a jar of your favorite tomato sauce and stir in the soft eggplant.

9. Warm through and serve with ground beef over a pasta of your choice.