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Sushi…At Home

Hard to imagine isn’t it? I love sushi, but for many years I was just too hesitant to make it at home. Too many excuses…and finally, I just forced myself to learn. This blog entry isn’t about how to make sushi (I’ll save that for another time). It’s to let you know that buying sushi grade fish at stores like H Mart or Ranch Market or any other Asian market will save you big money. Pictured above is a sample of what I prepared the other day. All the ingredients probably cost me around $20. This same meal at a restaurant would have cost $60-$70 (before tip). The easiest way to learn how to make some basic sushi rolls would be to google “How to Make Sushi”. That’s how I learned. It’s not hard, and only takes 2-3 times before you really get the hang of it.

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