A rundown on several of my most recent eating experiences…

Grady’s on Rodney Parham is one of those restaurants you pass a million times and always think, “I really should go in there and check it out.” And then one day you actually do it. Those of us already in the know will tell you it’s one of the most under-the-radar restaurants in Little Rock. Seriously. The pizza is good, not great, but definitely worth getting. Grady’s real claim to fame, however, is the Grady’s Grinder, a delicious combination of ham, turkey, salami, and roast beef on a house-made onion roll. Great sandwich aside, I usually opt for the Chef’s Salad, a behemoth offering loaded with all of the traditional ingredients. At $8.75, it’s an absolute steal. Heck, my daughter even loves the place. The kid’s portion of spaghetti and meat sauce could feed a construction worker, and it comes with bread and a side salad. Grady’s is a simple, no-frills neighborhood restaurant with reasonable prices and big portions. Please go check it out if you get the chance.

I certainly haven’t shied away from communicating my love for Me & McGee Market over the past 1.5 years.  There’s nothing not to like about the place. From the fresh baked hand pies to the jellies and jams to plants to all of the local goods being sold, M&M is such a fun and relaxing way to spend 30-45 minutes of your day. Next time you go, be sure to buy a large bag of the pork skins (Dempsey Q seasoning). I am damn near addicted to those things … and am literally eating them as I type this post. Yes, they’ll smell up a room to high holy hell, but the taste is worth it. Also, be sure to buy a loaf of the super moist, buttery apple bread. Everyone in your house will love you for it.

I made my second visit to Walker’s Restaurant, a cafeteria-style soul food restaurant on the corner of 17th and Main and NLR. Just like the first time, I left full and content. My chicken and dressing with greens and yams hit the spot. The dressing, while dosed in gravy and cranberry sauce, was a bit under seasoned but worked well with the sweet yams and slightly bitter greens. My table mate’s meatloaf was a wonderful ketchup-y concoction, full of flavor and a perfect partner with the accompanying mashed potatoes. I’d pass on the spaghetti, a well-made dish that, unfortunately, was just too sweet for my preference. All and all, I’d highly recommend checking out Walker’s.

At Walker’s

Milford Track is Little Rock’s ultimate hidden gem. I could give the exact address and you’d still have a difficult time finding it. But once you do, you’ll be treated to the freshest, tastiest pasta in town. Just make sure to call in the order, as it takes time, and I don’t want you getting pissed at me because the food took too long. Here’s the thing that really stood out about my most recent visit. As I was paying for my pasta, I noticed a few jars of chicken and dumplings sitting on a rack across from the register. I figured, why not? At $10 a jar, it ended up being a wise investment. The jar was loaded with tender chunks of chicken and soft dumplings. What originally was somewhat of an afterthought ended up being half of my lunch and all of my dinner.

Chicken and Dumplings


Lizzy Farquhar April 23, 2019 at 7:06 am

Also, if you bring your soup jar back when you’re done , you’ll receive $1 off your next purchase! We can recycle and reuse them!

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