NYPD Pizza has been serving up some of this town’s best pizza for a few years now.

The restaurant gets very little attention, probably in large part because of its far West Little Rock location. Often times, folks in this town just hate driving more than 15 minutes for anything, and that includes good pizza. Sorry, it’s true.

Now, I say NYPD has good pizza, but specifically, I can only vouch for one pie … The Queens Deluxe. It’s so tasty that we never order anything else.

The Queens Deluxe is NYPD’s version of a supreme pizza, loaded with sausage, pepperoni, onions, mushrooms, green peppers, and mozzarella cheese. The key to this pizza is the ample, yet not overwhelming amount of toppings that rest on the thin, New York-style crust. Heck, you can even fold each slice and eat it as New Yorkers do. The crust is thin and chewy in the middle with a nice crispiness on the ends. Also, count me a fan of the thinly sliced veggies. I hate when you get big chunks of green pepper on the pie. Same with onions. It’s this attention to detail and meticulous application of the other toppings that separates NYPD’s pizza from much of the competition.

Will you be transported straight to New York after biting into this pizza? No. Absolutely not. But it’s pretty damn good and certainly falls in my Top 5 pizza joints in Little Rock. It’s also worth mentioning that leftover NYPD reheats quite well in the oven. 400 degrees for about 10 minutes should do the trick.

NYPD Pizza
6015 Chenonceau Blvd
Open Daily, 11 a.m.-9 p.m.
Area delivery available; Take-out