Monthly Feature, By Jim Rassinier

Does anyone else watch food reviews on YouTube? I’ve been watching certain ones for years. One of my favorite channels is Daym Drops, where he reviews fast food items roughly three times a week. He’s normally been on point with his reviews, so when he proclaimed the new KFC Georgia Gold as one of the best pieces of fried chicken he’d ever had? I knew I had to try it.

First off, I’d like to tell a bit of history about KFC or Kentucky Fried Chicken. It was started by Colonel Harland Sanders in 1939 as an actual sit-down restaurant. Sales were quite good until 1950, when an interstate built around him, all but destroying his sales, and he eventually auctioned it off, at a considerable loss. But he also had another plan: franchising. In 1952, he went to a friend who owned a restaurant in Utah and taught him his secret recipe. The said business increased so much that in just four years, eight other restaurants were using his recipe and process, which involved the 11 herbs and spices, and a pressure cooker. That was it. The Colonel got 4 cents for every piece of chicken. Less than eight years into the business, he had over 600 franchisees.

Another fun fact was that the Colonel used to randomly stop by Kentucky Fried Chicken outlets and sample the gravy. If the gravy wasn’t up to his standards, he’d stop the restaurantuer right there and reteach how to make the gravy. I so wish I’d had that gravy way back then. (I still always have to get their mashed potatoes.)

Anyhoo, I digress. I went into KFC with excited expectations. “Best chicken ever?” That is a bold statement, but I had enjoyed their Nashville Hot, so I was definitely expecting something special.

Oh, how wrong I was.

Georgia Gold, put simply, is just a regular Extra Crispy piece of chicken doused in an oily as hell, greasy, honey mustard barbecue sauce. I found the flavor very off-putting. The worst part? The only bite I mildly liked was when I paired in with the pickle slice. Problem was, they only gave me one measly, little, pathetic pickle slice. I will say that the oil and grease didn’t keep the chicken from being crunchy; it still had a very nice crunch. It was the flavor of that sauce that I found so unappealing.

Would I recommend this? Here’s the thing …  I’ve seen several well-respected folks online that said they loved it. I’m not in that group of people. So, no, I absolutely would not recommend. However, if you’re someone who really likes honey mustard barbecue, maybe this is for you.

My only two suggestions: Try the sauce before you order it. And make sure they give you extra pickles!

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