For whatever reason, some words get completely under our skin from just the very mention of them. And when it comes to food and drink, these 10 words are some of my personal worst. I apologize in advance.


I think this one is primarily used in The South. Some genius combined “hungry” and “angry” to make “hangry.” You know, like when you’re so damn hungry, it makes you angry? And you must have food right then and there.


Did you really think I was going to leave “moist” off the list? Heck no. This word is hated by millions and millions of people, but how else will you describe a delicious cake? Listen, I know this is a personal list, but I included “moist” based on the general public’s hatred.

Nom Nom

I’ll put this in very simple, easy-to-understand terms. If you ever use “nom nom” in a public forum, I hate you. End of discussion. There’s no point to ever say or write “nom nom” other than, “Hey, ‘nom nom’ is really stupid.”


Remember in the early 2000’s when you were at a party and heard someone say “delish” for the first time out loud … and you wanted to start banging your head against the closest wall? Yup, it’s 2017 and you’ll still hear it on occasion.

Bad Adjectives and Verbs

Ok, this isn’t technically a specific word, but, rather, it’s using adjectives and verbs in relation to food/drink that have no business being used near something edible. Food isn’t transcendent. It isn’t mind-numbing. And it certainly won’t make you swoon.


Guilty. I probably use “foodie” ten times a day, and I wince just a little bit each time I do it. Foodie is such a common term that I really don’t know what else to use in its place. I’m all ears for suggestions.


This word hit its peak about five years ago, and, thankfully, it’s been on a steady decline once people realized how douchey it sounded. Unfortunately, it’s another one I use from time to time, so please feel free to call me a tool for doing so.


No, “go!” is not a food word. But … when used in just the wrong way, it gets under my skin like nothing else. Let me know if this sounds familiar. You’re on Facebook and someone posts: “What’s the best restaurant in New York City? Aaaaaand go!” I know where you can go.

Burnt Ends

Goodness gracious, just because a piece of smoked meat is charred with a good amount of bark doesn’t mean it’s a burnt end. Like, dude, there’s no such thing as bacon burnt ends. Check out the pic above for burnt ends. They’re on the right.


Of course I like the word “clean.” This bathroom is clean. I’m glad that restaurant’s kitchen is clean. But please don’t describe food as clean. The entire “clean eating” movement seems to be slowly fading away, and, to this day, I thankfully don’t know what it all means.


Anonymous December 3, 2017 at 5:09 pm

I think you are wrapped a little tight!

    The Mighty Ribi December 4, 2017 at 7:25 am

    I am, Charlie.

EY December 9, 2017 at 10:05 am

Having lived with a gent who was borderline hypoglycemic, the hangry is real. I agree that it should be used only when necessary.
MOIST: not unlike famous (and naughty) words that start with C and P, it’s a word you just need to deal with.
A good friend got me some Jacques Torres chocolate for Christmas….dude, I know from chocolate. These just may be transcendent.

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