The Chubby Cook's Tex-Mex Lasagna

Saturdays are for testing out recipes and giving you the skinny. But for the new site, we’re changing it up a bit. Each selected recipe will come from a food blogger from around the country. This week’s recipe comes to us from Cleveland.  Let’s check out The Chubby Cook’s Tex-Mex Lasagna.

The Ease

I wouldn’t put this recipe on the level of super easy, but that said, this is not a difficult one.  Instead of pasta noodles, you use corn tortillas.  I recommend getting everything prepped ahead of time.  It just makes things so much easier.  The only thing that was remotely difficult was making sure you had all of the spices in the pan while browning the meat.  You just want to make sure not to forget anything.

The Taste

I found this dish to be unique and delicious.  Some friends came over and tried it and seemed to be happy with the taste.  The recipe doesn’t call for it, but as you can see, adding some sour cream and salsa certainly never hurts.  I know that starts messing with the health value, but oh well.  Next time, I’m piling on some guac as well.

The Verdict

The taste was great, but there’s really an added bonus with the this recipe (and one that I’m a huge fan of).  The one is just as good for the family on a Monday night as it is for friends at a Saturday night party.  You can keep it basic and serve it almost like a casserole, or doctor it up a bit (as I did here), cut into smaller pieces, and serve it tapas-style.  I am always looking for cool recipes like this and CC’s Tex-Mex Lasagna is a winner.  On a side note, I loved the use of poblanos and his suggestion of roasted red peppers.

Why you should go to this site…

It’s very interesting.  CC does a great job guiding you through recipes with detailed directions.  He cooks some of the basics as well as more advanced dishes.  His love for food definitely comes through in his writing.