Every Saturday, we find an awesome blog from around the country, and test out one of the recipes!

If you love to bake, please bookmark Ezra Pound Cake.  This food blog is just wonderful.  And not to be overlooked–the great name of the site.  Read the back story while you visit.

As for the recipe, I chose Strawberry Pretzel Salad.  This is a MUST make!  Perfect for this holiday weekend.  It’s really got it all–sweet, cool, and refreshing.  Can you really beat the combination of strawberries, cream cheese, and whipped cream?  The answer is no.

My favorite part is the pretzel crust.  I highly recommend leaving it a bit chunky.  It adds an excellent texture to the salad/dessert.  Regarding the name…yes, it’s technically a salad, but please think of this as a dessert.  If by chance you end of making this recipe over the weekend…I’d love to hear about how it turned out.

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