On Saturdays, I hunt for a food blog from around the country, and test out one of the recipes.  This week’s recipe: Smoke Gouda, Apple, & Bacon Melt is from The Cilantropist. Love the name!  And the blog!

As you might expect from a sandwich recipe, once you get all of the ingredients from the store, this one is super easy.  Just fry up a little bacon, slice some Granny Smith apples and smoked gouda, and start constructing your sandwich.  Take two pieces of sourdough bread and butter the outsides.  If you have a sandwich press, great.  If you don’t, just use any basic flat pan. Grill for a few minutes and it’s done.

So delicious!  The crunchiness of the bread, tartness of the apples, saltiness of the bacon, and creaminess of the cheese make for a perfect sandwich.  I love smoked gouda, but feel free to use any cheese that melts well (example: fontina).  Serve as an appetizer or a quick lunch.