Saturdays are for testing out recipes and giving you the skinny.  But for the new site, we’re changing it up a bit.  Each selected recipe will come from a food blogger from around the country.  This week’s recipe comes to us from Fun and Fearless in Beantown.

The Ease

This recipe just couldn’t get much easier.  There are only a handful of ingredients to worry about (all easy to find in any grocery store).  Just chop everything, throw in a pot for a little over an hour, boil some pasta, and toss.

The Taste

Wonderful!  My wife summed it up perfectly…”it’s like an elegant mac and cheese”.  It really is—and the smell might be even better.  When that hot pasta hits the basil, cheese, and tomato mixture, it’s really hard to imagine a better smell.  The brie melted so smoothly and along with the olive oil, did its job of covering all the pasta and keeping it moist.

The Verdict

I will without question make this dish again.  It was simple, yet brilliant.  If you’re a vegetarian, this one’s for you.  I’ve never actually cooked with brie, so for me it was exciting to stumble upon a tasty dish that utilizes this cheese.  You could easily add chicken to this recipe if you were looking to make it a bit heartier.

Why you should go to this site…

Well, you already know she has great recipes.  She also does an outstanding job of laying out the recipe for any level of cook and going through each step with detailed directions and accompanying pictures.


Michelle November 28, 2010 at 10:17 am

I’m so glad that you enjoyed this dish as much as I did! It was definitely easy to make and I love the creaminess of the brie sauce!

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