Saturdays are for testing out recipes and giving you the skinny. Each recipe comes from a food blogger from around the country. This week’s recipe comes from My Verbal Vomit. Awesome name!

The Ease
Just mix a few eggs together in a separate bowl.  Pour some cereal in a coffee grinder and pulverize a for a few seconds.  Add some pepper and garlic salt.  I flattened the chicken breasts a bit, dipped in egg, then the cereal, and threw in the oven for 15 minutes per side at 375 degrees.

The Taste
Moist and flavorful.  The cereal provided a nice crust to the chicken.  I decided to add a little mayo and cheddar cheese, and made a sandwich for my daughter.  She loved it.  This would go great with mashed potatoes and a green vegetable as well.

The Verdict
If you are looking to bring a little healthy eating into your household (which you should), the Fiber One Chicken is a great recipe to add to the mix.

Why you should go to this site…
She writes with a lot of personality.  It’s something different than the typical food blog.  Which I’m a big fan of.