Saturdays are for testing out recipes and giving you the skinny. For the new site, each recipe comes from a food blogger from around the country. This week’s recipe comes to us from New York City. Check out Cooking and the City.

The Ease

Very easy, as is the case with most recipes I find.  Steaming broccoli is simple and making the vinagrette takes just a few minutes, if that.  The entire side dish is ready in about ten minutes–start to finish.

The Taste

Personally, maybe just a little less white wine vinegar, and be careful with some  of the other ingredients–like the red onions.  I love red onions, but a little go a long way. I always get a little overzealous with onions, and I was guilty of it again.  Also, letting this dish rest for awhile allowed the flavors to meld together–softening a bit.

The Verdict

After a few weeks of horribly unhealthy eating, I was searching for a recipe that was a little different from the norm.  This broccoli salad was unique and tasty.  The overall recipe was simple, yet imaginative.  Next time, I’ll serve it alongside some rice or mashed potatoes.

Why you should go to this site…

Interesting recipes with excellent descriptions.  Her blog has a simple layout (which you know I am a fan of) and has great pictures to help guide you through the recipes.