Every Saturday I’ll try out a new, found recipe…you’ll see the good and the bad of it.

Goat Cheese Sandwich with Prosciutto and Apricot Preserves

–Sourdough bread
–1 slice of prosciutto

–1 TBSN apricot preserves
–Healthy spread/crumble of goat cheese
–Butter for outside of bread
Make sandwich and if you’ve got a panini press…you’ll be in a happy place in about 5 minutes.

Several weeks ago, a reader (Amy via her sister Erin) suggested I try this out. It may take me some time, but I usually get around to all suggestions. The fresh sourdough, buttery crust, tangy goat cheese, salty prosciutto, and sweet apricot preserves is a starting five that could take down the Lakers.

Recipe Difficulty (Scale of 1-10): 1
If any sandwich is harder than a “1” you’re probably not making a sandwich.

How it turned out: Really good
The only fault with this sandwich was my own doing. I put a little too much prosciutto and not enough preserves. Like most recipes, this one was much better the second go-around. I nailed it with the balance of flavors.

Would I make again: Yes
The recipe world of sandwich-making is a crowded field, but this one makes the cut. My level of cooking creativity is less than zero. Translation: I would’ve never come up with this sandwich. That’s why I am so very appreciative of readers’ suggestions. Thank you so much and please keep them coming.

Note: Please also note that a little preserve on the side for dipping works very well.

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Amy P July 17, 2010 at 7:07 am

glad you liked it!

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