Does it get any better than good tacos? The answer is no. They’re so damn tasty, and, at many places, quite inexpensive. Taqueria Karina Café (5309 W. 65th St.) is one such place. They have a variety of tacos, all reasonable (something around $2), and all absolutely delicious. On my most recent visit, I opted for one each of the pastor, lengua, and chicken. The pastor is the one that really stood out, but I also enjoyed the tender chunks of beef in my lengua (tongue) taco, though fully understand this isn’t for everyone. That said, if you enjoy lengua, it’s an excellent option. The tacos are fairly small and topped with chopped, fresh onion, and cilantro, and a hearty appetite can put down three of these bad boys with no problem. I also ordered a side of refried beans, which were good, but had a thinner consistency than I prefer. The kitchen was slow on this particular visit, as it took over 30 minutes for the food to hit the table, pretty poor with such a basic order from one person.

Speaking of tacos, Heights Taco & Tamale Co. now has Ahi tuna tacos on the menu … and they are pretty darn good. They come with crunchy corn shells, but I substituted soft flour for my order. The barely seared tuna is bright and beautiful and pairs well with a dab of guac and fresh jalapeno. For a taco plate, it’s a fairly light offering, which is good because I’m working on my beach bod. The tacos came with rice and bean. Both sides were tasty, especially the smoky beans, and I although I enjoyed the taste of the rice, it was a tad undercooked and little crunchy. All and all, it was a great lunch with wonderful service.

Anyone besides me ever walk into Burge’s and buy a large tub of Smoked Turkey Salad? Before you go rolling your eyes, it took me a week to finish, but oh what glorious week it was … one filled with smoky, salty, pulverized turkey. Sometimes I’d open the fridge at night and grab a quick spoonful. It goes by the nickname “Turkey Crack” and for good reason … it’s absolutely addictive stuff.

You know what’s awesome? Take-out at kBird. Especially when you grab an order of the best dish in Little Rock, the Green Papaya Salad, and head home with it to pig out on your back porch. Sweet, salty, tangy, spicy … this dish covers everything and is always spot-on in execution. Seriously, has anyone ever had a bad green papaya salad at kBird? Is that even a thing?

In what’s becoming almost a weekly trip for me, I once again headed over to the Arkansas Heart Hospital for a bowl of $5 ramen. This one was loaded with shrimp. The toppings change each time and there’s really no telling what surprise lies ahead when it comes to the ingredients. Crab, scallops, pulled pork, pork belly … you name it.  Remember folks, the ramen is only served on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 11 a.m.-2 p.m.

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