Yesterday, I did something on this blog that I haven’t done in about ten months.  I missed an entry.  I guaranteed my readers that they could count on an entry every single day, and I slipped up.

No excuses, but if you want to hear one, I’ll give it to you.  With my brain exhausted from teaching and my hands throbbing from days of typing about food, I fell asleep last night at 8pm. Oh well, it was a good run.  Time for another.

I woke up this morning at 6am, ready to write.  I started banging out some pieces for Houston Press, and then I got a phone call around 8:30am.  I hand five more pieces to write for HP and two pieces to write for The Mighty Rib.  A friend was on the other line, inviting me to a private breakfast with one of the top chefs in Houston–Monica Pope.  The catch–someone from her group that won this honor through a silent auction couldn’t make it.  Hence the phone call.  I asked when I needed to be there.  The answer–thirty minutes ago.

Chef Monica Pope

Like so many other food things from this past year, I said yes.  I’m glad I did.  Although I got way behind on my food writing, I was able to spend an entire morning with one of the top chefs in America.  Chef Pope talked, she cooked, and she showed us around her farmer’s market.  It was a real honor.

So, I went home, and wrote, and wrote, and wrote some more.  I then attended an awesome food and wine event at Brenner’s on the Bayou.  The wine was flowing and the company was outstanding.

It was another amazing culinary day, and yet another reminder why I work my tail off and keep going at this crazy hobby.  It’s never easy, always interesting, and without a doubt…rewarding.