By Sara Davis

So, yesterday was kind of a shit show. Things at work weren’t going right, I cried at the gym (like you do), my fiancé’s phone was stolen at a gas station, cops called, etc etc. On the way home from the AT&T store where Tony, maybe the greatest customer service person of all time, had kind of started to turn things around for us, I saw an Instagram post from a friend of tomatoes and bacon and I knew I had to have a BLT.

Right then.

It was a full-blown BLT emergency.

But where was I going to get this sandwich? I was at a literal crossroads, I could go right to Kroger and assemble my ingredients and make a sandwich at home, or I could go left to one of several places that would make the sandwich for me. I took a right. Then another right. Then another right because as soon as I saw the store I knew there was no way in hell going in there was going to help with my attitude adjustment.

But Crazee’s Cafe, they could help me.

Ordered beers and a BLT and didn’t really think much of it. Mostly I knew it would scratch an itch. But, y’all, I had no idea- NO IDEA! -what sort of magic I was about to experience. This sandwich damn near brought a tear to my eye. No wheatberrywholegrainmadeofdirtandtearsofthesun hippie wheat bread here, just some good old fashioned white bread. May have even been Wonder Bread. It was perfectly toasted – not too hard! not too soft! – and covered with the most perfect amount of mayonnaise. Mayo! Not aoli! Thinly sliced, perfectly ripe tomatoes that made the sandwich juicy but not messy. Crisp iceberg lettuce. It came together and took me right back to my White County roots. This is a sandwich my grandma would have approved of. She also would have approved of the price! 5.95 and you get this perfect sandwich, potato chips and a pickle. Pretty hard to beat that.

Full disclosure: We went to Crazee’s again two days later. The fiance got the BLT this time, I got the catfish, and sweet Christmas, they did it again! I’m telling you, if you want a no frills just straight up good meal, take yourself on down to Crazee’s. Now that it’s non-smoking, you won’t even come out smelling like a deep-fried cigarette! Now you can just waddle out the door smoke free like God intended.

Happy eating!

Crazee’s Cafe
7626 Cantrell Rd
(501) 221-9696
Hours: Monday-Saturday 11am-1am; Closed Sunday

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