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I sit here in Little Rock, looking outside my hotel window, and am inspired to write about my recent trip to Seattle. It just feels like a Seattle day…cool and rainy…and to be honest, that Seattle trip from last month is still fresh on my mind.

I was fortunate enough to visit some amazing culinary spots, but today, I’m thinking about the Piroshky Bakery in Pike Place Market. Just what is a piroshky? For my Houstonian readers, think…Russian version of a kolache.

And yes, I know Mondays on The Mighty Rib are dedicated to restaurants…and technically, this is a bakery. But, there are places to sit and one of these piroshkies definitely eats like a meal. Plus, they have such a variety to choose from. Just check out their menu.

I’m a self-proclaimed mushroom whore. If I see mushrooms anywhere on a menu, it’s pretty safe to say my decision has been made. Such was the case at Piroshky Bakery. Hello Potato, Mushroom, & Onion piroshky!!!

Zero disappointment. The breading was much lighter than expected—not flaky, but certainly not at all dense. The inside filling of shaved potatoes (think hash) and tender mushroom and onions was insanely good. It’s a simple concept, which means execution from every element is essential.

I had to stop at one piroshky (about $3). It filled me up. Could I have downed another? Almost certainly! But when you’re at Seattle’s Pike Place Market, it’s just too difficult to fill up on one item. The options are endless. And you’ll eventually read about them all!

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natalie December 5, 2011 at 9:06 am

ooooh nice. if i focus enough, i can almost smell the bakery…..

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