The Seismic Meersburger

Mondays are dedicated to bringing you a restaurant review.  We’re heading up north to Meers, Oklahoma.  Thanks to Natalie for sending this one in!

The Scene

Boy do I have the biggest bone to pick with this place. I’ve calmed down considerably but if it weren’t for my husband who was hell bent on having a Meers’ burger, I would’ve never step foot in this place twice.

When you go to Meers, know that it is the only establishment within at least 12 miles from what most people would call civilization. Keep in mind this place was recommended by an oklahoma native, but it was also featured on Food Network.  Outside, parking is a “at your own risk” scenario, and also riddled with sickly looking stray cats. The building itself looks like its about to fall over, but I suppose you could call it rustic… Inside it was ‘quirky’, memoirs hanging/taped on the walls, mainly about Meers and its history. We walk in and were told that they didn’t accept credit or debit cards, only cash. ???!!!!! In this day and age? Ok, that’s fine. But then, the cashier says “Well you can eat, but then leave your drivers license here while you run out to the ATM” – Wait, what??! That right there set my tone for the rest of the dinner. Yes, we went out and made the almost 25 mile round trip to get cash for this place. Already cranky from the lack of food, I was less than amused at this roadblock. You would think with national acclaim, that they would accept debit/credit cards…

Right off the bat we could tell customer service here was going to be downright awful. Upon walking in, we saw a normal restaurant sign “Please Wait to be Seated” – so we did… And we waited… Until we were told “oh hey just sit anywhere”. *insert huge sigh here*. We pointed out that we were waiting, like the sign said, and upon receiving this news, the waitress just glanced at the sign and shrugged. I also had to hunt down my own for a highchair, and throughout the meal we had to repeatedly ask the waitress for more to drink. Mind you, this was early afternoon on a Saturday and we were 1 of about maybe 5 families there. For having a job, they sure as heck weren’t acting like they wanted one… But anyway, enough griping, onto the food!

The Food

I absolutely love stuffed jalapeno peppers, and Meers did not disappoint. In fact, I’d be willing to say they set the bar. Unlike your usual stuffed deep fried jalapeno being cheese and batter, their ‘Big O’ stuffed pepper was stuffed with seasoned sausage and cheese, wrapped in a sweet batter. Downright delicious! Their onion rings were nothing to sneeze at, and while the batter was crunchy and thin, the ‘beer battered’ part was absent.

I will admit right now that I’m not the worlds biggest burger fan – with that said I took a leap of faith and got a cheeseburger. While the burger is the right size, this is about all I liked – for my taste, the burger was so greasy the bread was a bit slimy. There was a sweet relishy, almost dijon mustard kind of sauce on it, which was tasty, but it didn’t ‘make’ the burger for me. As my side, I got Texas Toothpicks. There wasn’t a description of this on the menu, and I was risking it, but I overheard some other patrons pining for this. They weren’t bad; it was a mix of french fries and thinly sliced jalapeno peppers and a side of ranch.

My husband ordered the Seismic Meersburger and cheese fries. The big thing (and I mean big) about this burger is that its the one pound burger, complete with your usual burger toppings. He REALLY enjoyed his burger, and would definitely go back again, although not necessarily for the same burger. Not because of the size, but to try something else. In his own words, he “wasn’t uncomfortably full” but thought the fries were far less than sub par. I will have to agree on this; as they were soggy and thin, and covering them with 50 cent festival cheese didn’t help.

The Verdict

One thing I’ll say about Meers is that the main courses were pretty inexpensive. $4 will get you just a quarter pound burger, but the sides were the same price; which in my eyes makes them a little pricey.
We’ve asked numerous people about their opinion of Meers, and they are generally positive. We may have caught them on an off day, but I would research this place before you go. And don’t forget your cash.


Mary New December 14, 2010 at 7:56 pm

That’s a puny burger compared to one at Mel’s out in Tomball.

Kevin December 16, 2010 at 11:02 pm

I’ve never been, but will go soon…definitely! Thanks for the suggestion.

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