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The Haunted Hamburger

The Background: The Haunted Hamburger sits a mile high, atop the old copper mining town of Jerome, Arizona . The view alone makes it special, but when you factor in the beautiful now tourist town of Jerome, along with the spectacular food…you’ve got a memorable experience. I’m guessing the only way you’d end up in Jerome is if you were vacationing in nearby Sedona. It’s about a thirty-minute drive, but is well worth it. I found out about the Haunted Hamburger from a local at the food market. Always listen to locals!

The Scene: The HH is a small restaurant, with inside/outside seating split right down the middle. A nice, cool afternoon with a great breeze made my decision easy. Like I said, the views are amazing, but a great view can only get a restaurant so far. I was here for the burger I had heard so much about.

The Food: Sara and I split a burger and fries. We weren’t extremely hungry but had made it this far, and we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to eat. Glad I did. The burger was fantastic…a thick patty, loaded with fresh roasted green chilies and crisp bacon. The bun tasted homemade and held its form. The burger was so juicy and flavorful.

The Verdict: I may not ever make it back to the Haunted Hamburger because of its remote location, but I am so thankful to have dined there at least once. Sometimes a great setting makes really good food tastes great. I’ve been guilty before of letting this affect my opinion…but I really feel that HH’s dynamite burger can stand on its own.

410 N Clark Street
Jerome, AZ 86331

(928) 634-0554

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