My first Little Rock restaurant review!

It’s Little Rock. It’s summertime. It’s hotter than heck.

Quality eating establishments with a drive-thru tend to rocket up my list. That’s how I stumbled upon David’s Burgers. Think of this place as a better version of Five Guys. And I mean this in a good way. I’m a fan of Five Guys, but in terms of strictly burgers, David’s are better.

Here’s some verbiage straight from their website:
“At David’s Burgers, we buy boneless beef chuck and butcher or hand-cut the chuck into steaks that you see in the meat case. Our beef is Grade A USDA Choice that has never been frozen. We grind the chuck steaks into the hamburger meat, no trimmings, fillers or added fat. This is all performed on site to insure the highest quality. No mystery meat at David’s. If you go to some of the finest dining establishments in the country and order a hamburger steak, you will not get better or higher quality beef than you do here at David’s. Many restaurants say 100% pure beef, but don’t settle for low quality beef.”

They are smart to put this right on the homepage. The beef’s quality and freshness is what will blow you away about this burger. The single patty is substantial and well-seasoned. All the toppings are fresh and the bun is soft, but does not fall apart upon consumption. At $4.99 (additional 39 cents for cheese) for a Single Burger, the price is fair. Also, the burgers are made to order, so expect a 5-7 minute wait in the drive-thru. I am more than okay with this.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the fries. They were greasy and soggy, unable to hold up from my 5-minute commute home. It’s worth noting that while waiting in the drive-thru I did receive a small sample of fries. These were much better—blazing hot and a little crunchier.

I’ll be a regular at David’s Burgers (Little Rock location). The proximity to my house, excellent service, and quality burgers will keep me coming back.


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